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About Me

I began writing at the age of 11. Schooling, and the need to contribute to the family coffers from the age of 14 in a variety of jobs, followed by some years service as a soldier, meant that I was 23 before I was able to take up writing full-time – as a journalist. I have written millions of words during my working life – but ‘The Golgotha Gate’ was my first full-length work of fiction.

My second book was, ‘Beyond Pride and Prejudice: Lydia´s Lives’ is a light-hearted follow-up to Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’.



Writing fiction since retirement from full time work in 1998. One novel published (POD), and ‘Lydia’s Lives’ now completed.  I'm planning to use my own web site as marketing and writing tool.

I worked as a journalist for nearly 40 years, including 15 years in the Far East, based in Japan/Korea, and four years in the Middle East, Sultanate of Oman.

I was with Reuters News Agency for three years, including time as a war correspondent. Then worked for a variety of newspapers and publications full-time and as a freelance in a number of countries. Posts included reporter, sub-editor, columnist, editor, publisher, and newspaper owner. Among the many publications for whom I wrote were the Chicago Tribune, London Daily Mail, Melbourne Herald, South China Morning Post, Singapore Strait Times.

I also had experience as a radio journalist, news and features, delivering programmes and writing scripts.

My first newspaper job was with the ‘New York Times’ at its wartime Fleet Street bureau – as a messenger boy in the photographic department.

At 13 received 1 guinea for sale of short-short story to London evening paper ‘The Star’. First sale ever!

I had a variety of jobs after leaving school at age 14. Then spent six years in the Army, including service in Korea (South and North) with Commonwealth Public Relations Unit and the US Armed Forces Radio Service (Tokyo).


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